RCPCE Profession-specific Corpora

The collection of RCPCE profession-specific corpora is developed by the Research Centre for Professional Communication in English (RCPCE) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It contains real-life texts, discourses and genres collected from different professional communities and contexts in Hong Kong. Professionals, researchers, teachers, students and other language users can leverage these language resources to enhance their English language proficiency and professional communicative competencies.

It also contains two corpora of research/ journal articles published in high impact journals of up to 39 disciplines.

The computer software used to search the corpora is ConcGramOnline© designed and written by Chris Greaves. You can search for a word, or a phrase, or an additional word or phrase in combination with your search word or phrase, and find examples of contextual use in concordances.

In addition to the software ConcGramOnline©, the centre developed a part-of-speech tag search software in 2017. Our corpora were tagged with Penn Treebank part-of-speech tag set by Stanford POS Tagger. The search engine can search for n-gram and skipgram with specific part-of-speech in a corpus.

Choose the profession-specific corpus that you wish to search:
Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English  | ConcGram search  | Speech-act search[beta] |
Hong Kong Corpus of Surveying and Construction Engineering  | ConcGram search  |
Hong Kong Engineering Corpus  | ConcGram search  |
Hong Kong Financial Services Corpus  | ConcGram search  |
Hong Kong Budget Corpus 1997 - 2017  | ConcGram search  |
Hong Kong Policy Address Corpus 1997 - 2017  | ConcGram search  |
Hong Kong Corpus of Corporate Governance Reports  | ConcGram search  |
Corpus of Research Articles 2007  | ConcGram search  |
Corpus of Journal Articles 2014  | ConcGram search  | Part-of-speech search   |

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Last updated on 4 October, 2017