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Welcome to the online manual for using the different corpora developed by the Research Centre for Professional Communication in English of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Corpora are large collections of texts collected from the financial and engineering sectors of Hong Kong (the HKCFS and HKEC), a more general collection of spoken English in Hong Kong (the HKCSE), and a collection of budget speeches since 1997.

This online manual begins with a short explanation of the features of the basic search form and how they can be used, and the second part of the manual deals with the advanced search form.  All of these searches will help you to better understand how to use corpora to improve your communication skills.

The Search Forms (1).

1. The Basic Search Form.

There are two types of Search Form you can choose.  The first is a Basic Search of the merged corpus file, and can be seen below.  With the Basic Search, all you need to do is type the word(s) you want to search for and click the SEARCH button.

Enter search word or phrase   Additional word or phrase (optional)

For all the corpora the same Basic Search Form is used. You can search for any word or words occurring in any of the corpora (for the purpose of this online manual the HKCSE is used). Only the merged file is searched, but other sub-corpora as well as the main merged corpus file can be searched in the Advanced Search Form (click here to learn about advanced searches).  

The default setting displays up to 40 instances, chosen at random from the full set, and sorted according to the right collocates (the word immediately to the right of the first search word). You can click on the link at the top of the page to see all the instances. 

Try the following:

1. Type into the edit box in the Basic Search Form above the word 'bottle' and click SEARCH.
2. The Web Concordancer displays all the instances of 'bottle' in the HKCSE.
3. There are 31 instances for the word 'bottle'. 
4. Press the BACK button in the browser to return to this page. 

  • Also try the following words and combinations:
    cup/coffee, there/was, have/hair  

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