Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English

Welcome to the Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English (HKCSE) hosted by the Research Centre for Professional Communication in English of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The HKCSE is a large collection of texts representing spoken English in Hong Kong. This is the orthographic version, if you would like to purchase or know more about the prosodic version (A corpus-driven study of discourse intonation with a CD). Click here to go to John Benjamins website.

Please cite the HKCSE with following information:

  Cheng W, Greaves C, Warren M (2005). The creation of prosodically transcribed intercultural corpus: The Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English (prosodic), ICAME Journal, vol. 29 (pg. 47-68), April 2005.  

There are currently 907,657 words in the HKCSE.

  • You can search for a word, e.g. people, not, or a phrase, e.g. Hong Kong people, a lot of, and find examples of its use in its context.

  • You can also search for an additional word in combination with your search word, e.g. people (search word) and different (additional word), or search phrase, e.g. I don't know (search phrase) and actually(additional word).

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  2. Please note that the contents in the HKCSE do not represent the views of the organisation and/or writer.

  3. The computer software used to search the HKCSE is ConcGramOnlineŠ designed and written by Chris Greaves, Senior Project Fellow, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

  4. The work to compile the HKCSE was substantially supported by a grant from the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Project No. G-YE86). This support is gratefully acknowledged.