The Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English

The Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English is comprised of four sub-corpora (academic, business, conversation and public).

1. Composition of academic sub-corpus

  • Student presentation and Q&A
  • Lecture
  • Seminar and tutorial
  • Writing Assistance Programme (WAP) consultation
  • Workshop for academic and research staff and postgraduate research students

2. Composition of business sub-corpus

  • Job and placement interviews
  • Presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Meetings
  • Informal office talk
  • Announcements and Q&A sessions
  • Presentations
  • Service encounters
  • Conference calls/ video conferencing
  • Workplace telephone talk

3. Composition of conversation sub-corpus

  • Conversation collected in a wide range of social settings

4. Composition of public sub-corpus

  • Speeches
  • Interviews
  • Speeches and Q&A sessions
  • Press briefings and Q&A sessions
  • Discussion forums
  • Press briefings
  • Radio announcements




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