Hong Kong Engineering Corpus

The Hong Kong Engineering Corpus (HKEC) is an educational and research resource that is publicly available via the website of the Research Centre for Professional Communication in English (RCPCE) http://www.engl.polyu.edu.hk/RCPCE/ to benefit engineering professionals, academics and students locally and internationally.  It is available to users free of charge and is not used for any commercial purposes. 

The HKEC is compiled for users to learn more about the language of the engineering industry, in particular the study of the patterns of use of specific words and phrases.  The HKEC corpus searches display only short segments of texts (12 words either side of the word(s) being studied), and therefore the complete texts contained in the HKEC are not available to the user to either read in their entirety or to download.  

Contents of the HKEC

Code Text Type Code Text Type
AU About Us (647,013 words) PL Plans (4,173 words)
A Abstracts (94,671 words) PD Position Documents (75,660 words)
AG Agreements (127,895 words) PM Publicity Material (599,407 words)
CL Circular Letters (143,313 words) PRD Product Descriptions (611,549 words)
C Code of Practice (997,228 words) PS Project Summaries (115,829 words)
CP Conference Proceedings (196,498 words) QA Q & A (27,703 words)
CSP Consultation Papers (111,494 words) R Reports (979,170 words)
FS Fact Sheets (26,059 words) RP Review Papers (106,506 words)
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (55,726 words) SP Speeches (2,822 words)
G Guides (783,805 words) S Standards (136,024 words)
HB Handbooks (67,284 words) TP Technical Papers (65,731 words)
LE Letters to Editor (3,492 words) TN Tender Notices (4,242 words)
M Manuals (296,299 words) TRD Transaction Discussions (HKIE) (7,149 words)
MR Media Releases (1,566,742 words) TRN Transaction Notes (HKIE) (79,058 words)
N Notes (156,255 words) TRP Transaction Proceedings (HKIE) (1,055,248 words)
O Ordinances (139,176 words)    



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