RCPCE Profession-specific Corpora

The collection of RCPCE profession-specific corpora is developed by the Research Centre for Professional Communication in English (RCPCE), Department of English and Communication of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It contains real-life texts, discourses and genres collected from different professional communities and contexts in Hong Kong. It also contains two corpora of research/journal articles published in high impact journals of up to 39 disciplines.

Professionals, researchers, teachers, students and other language users can leverage these language resources to enhance their language proficiency and professional communicative competencies.

Click here for the list of publications by users of RCPCE Profession-specific Corpora.

If there are questions, please email engl.rcpce[at]polyu.edu.hk.

Choose the profession-specific corpus that you wish to search:
Professional Communication Corpora - English
  • Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English
  • KWIC [alpha] Part-of-speech
    or Speech-act
  • Hong Kong Corpus of Surveying and Construction Engineering
  • KWIC Part-of-speech ConcGramOnline
  • Hong Kong Engineering Corpus
  • KWIC Part-of-speech ConcGramOnline
  • Hong Kong Financial Services Corpus
  • KWIC Part-of-speech ConcGramOnline
  • Hong Kong Corpus of Corporate Governance Reports
  • KWIC Part-of-speech ConcGramOnline
  • Hong Kong Corpus of Corruption Prevention
  • KWIC Part-of-speech ConcGramOnline
  • United States Listed Bank Holding Company Annual Reports Corpus
  • KWIC Part-of-speech  
    Political and Governmental Addresses Corpora
  • Addresses by the Hong Kong Governors and the HKSAR Chief Executives 
    (English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
  • KWIC    
  • Speeches by leaders of Taiwan   
    (English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
  • KWIC    
  • Reports on the Work of the Government(PRC) 
    (English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
  • KWIC    
  • Hong Kong Budget Corpus   (English)
  • KWIC   ConcGramOnline
    Governmental White Paper Corpora
  • PRC White Paper Corpus-Chinese
    (Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
  • KWIC
  • PRC White Paper Corpus-English
  • KWIC
    COVID-19 Corpus
  • China Daily COVID-19 Corpus
  • KWIC
    Academic Corpora in English
  • Corpus of Research Articles 2007
  • KWIC Part-of-speech ConcGramOnline
  • Corpus of Journal Articles 2014
  • KWIC Part-of-speech ConcGramOnline
    Other Asian Languages Corpora Resources in ENGL, PolyU      
  • PolyU Corpus of Spoken Chinese: Cantonese
  • Link    
  • PolyU Corpus of Spoken Chinese: Mandarin
  • Link    
  • PolyU Corpus of Spoken Chinese: Chaozhou
  • Link    
  • PolyU Spoken Corpus of Asian Languages: Indonesian
  • Link    
  • PolyU Spoken Corpus of Asian Languages: Japanese
  • Link    
  • PolyU Spoken Corpus of Asian Languages: Korean
  • Link    
  • PolyU Spoken Corpus of Asian Languages: Hindi
  • Link    

    The computer software used to search the corpora is ConcGramOnline© designed and written by Chris Greaves. A newer revision was developed by RCPCE in early 2019 for searching across multiple sub-corpora. You can search for a word, or a phrase, or an additional word or phrase in combination with your search word or phrase, and find examples of contextual use in concordances.

    In addition to the software ConcGramOnline©, the centre developed a part-of-speech tag search software in 2017. Our corpora were tagged with Penn Treebank part-of-speech tag set by Stanford POS Tagger. The search engine can search for any n-grams and skipgrams with a specific part-of-speech in a corpus.


    Click here for tutorial on how to use the ConcGramOnline©
    Click here for tutorial on how to use the part-of-speech search


    Learning English with RCPCE Profession-specific Corpora

    Dr Sal Consoli, prepared a number of worksheets that target secondary school leavers and university students in the first year who wish to practise their English skills for academic purposes. These worksheets may be used by teachers and students alike. The design of these worksheets encourages users to engage with a range of corpora from RCPCE Profession-specific Corpora through various tasks which, in turn, stimulate the enhancement of several academic skills (e.g., group work, first author writing, vocabulary building).

    Click below links to download these worksheets.

  • Academic Vocabulary: However
  • Collocations: Make and Do
  • Discipline-specific vocabulary: Energy
  • Increase of or Increase in: What’s the difference?
  • Which or Who: What’s the difference?
  • *Dr Sal Consoli was a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of English and Communication of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is also a member of RCPCE.


    Concgrams, ConcGram© and ConcGramCore

    Please click here to learn more about concgramming, the ConcGram software or to download a free copy of ConcGramCore software that can search concgrams in your corpus automatically.


    Children's Literature in English Language Teaching for Primary Students in Hong Kong (CLELT)

    We have developed lesson plans and teaching materials for ten picture books featured below. English teachers are invited to download these materials and lesson plans for their classes. For more information about the project, please feel free to read the news on PULSE@PolyU page. Please contact engl.rcpce[at]polyu.edu.hk and request a password to unzip the password-protected items and access the video interviews with authors.

    Visit CLELT website for the teaching materials for primary school students.

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