Our People

Members and associates of the RCPCE are involved in solid and internationally acclaimed work in (critical) discourse analysis, discourse intonation, intercultural communication studies, language assessment, lexical studies, systemic functional grammar, and so on related to professional contexts.


Prof. Kathleen Ahrens, Professor

Research interests include conceptual and critical metaphor analysis, corpus linguistics, language and politics, language and creativity, and children’s and young adult literature.

Associate Director

Dr William Feng, Associate Professor

Research interests include multimodal discourse analysis, systemic functional theory, media and communication, and education and multimodal literacy.


Dr Aditi Bhatia, Associate Professor

Research interests include discourse analysis, applied linguistics, language and power, media communication, persuasive communication, and professional communication.

Dr Sal Consoli, Research Assistant Professor

Research interests include Psychology of Language Education, Language Teacher Research, Practitioner Research (Action Research, Exploratory Practice), Narrative Inquiry and Reflexivity and Ethics in Applied Linguistics.

Dr Nate Ming Curran, Assistant Professor

Research interests include intercultural communication, the gig economy, cosmopolitanism, and motivations for language learning.

Dr Max Diaz, Instructor

Research interests include Educational Technology, EFL Teaching Anxiety, EFL Teacher Training, Intercultural Teacher Training, Learner Motivation, Research Methods Training.

Dr Victor Ho, Associate Professor

Research interests includes Pragmatics, Metadiscourse, Discourse analysis, Professional communication, English for academic/specific purposes.

Prof. Guangwei Hu, Professor

Research interests include academic literacy/discourse, biliteracy development, English for academic/specific purposes, English medium instruction, language assessment, language policy, second language acquisition, and second language writing.

Dr Rita Kelly, Instructor

Research interests include French language and francophone cultures, Colonial discourse analysis, Postcolonial fiction, Cross-cultural communication, Sino-Western and Sino-Indian relations, Cultural Studies.

Prof. Hans J Ladegaard, Professor, Department of English and Communication

Research interests include sociolinguistics, the social psychology of language, and intercultural communication.

Dr Phoenix Lam, Assistant Professor

Research interests include corpus linguistics, (multimodal) discourse analysis, professional communication, computer-mediated communication, and linguistic landscape.

Dr Phoebe Lin, Assistant Professor

Research interests include phraseology, formulaic language, idioms, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, English intonation and rhythm, English language teaching (ELT), computer-assisted language learning, and research methods.

Dr Jane Lockwood, Adjunct Associate Professor

Research interests includes English communication in workplace, virtual and digital communication in business discourses, communications assessment practices and development in tertiary and workplace setting. She has published widely on workplace communication training and assessment.

Dr Renia Lopez, Assistant Professor

Research interests include cognitive pragmatics, second language acquisition, and gestures.

Dr Jamie McKeown, Research Assistant Professor

Research interests include the interplay of media and legal discourse, media and technological discourse, media disinformation, and, certain socio-interactional aspects of professional discourse.

Prof. David Qian, Adjunct Professor

Research interests include language testing, assessment and evaluation in professional contexts, learner corpora and occupation-specific corpora, communication in professional workplaces, and educational measurement.

Dr Anne Ambler Schluter, Assistant Professor

Research interests include Language and power (especially as they relate to relationships in the blue-collar workplace), Language policy and planning, Political discourse, Linguistic landscape, Pragmatics, and Socio-phonetics.

Dr Gerald Stell, Assistant Professor

Research interests include Language variation, Intergroup communication, intergroup processes, World Englishes, Multilingualism/language contact, and Creole languages.

Dr Amy Suen, Instructor

Research interests include critical genre analysis, multimodality, and professional communication.

Dr Dennis Tay, Associate Head and Associate Professor

Research interests include cognitive linguistics, healthcare communication, the language of psychotherapy, and statistical modeling of discourse.

Project Associate

Amos Yung 
Dr Amos Yung

Research interests include collaborative construction of knowledge repository, Computer Mediated Communication, Corpus Linguistics and Network Analysis.

Visiting Scholar

Dr Marija Todorova

Research interests include children’s and young adults’ literature, intercultural communication, intersemiotic translation, translation and development, and interpreting for refugees.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr Mark Nartey

Research interests include Corpus-Assisted Discourse Studies, Communication and Media Studies, Language and Diversity, Language and Identities, Language and/in Politics, On Chinese and Other Asian Population Groups in Ghana.

Dr Tiffany Yating Yu

Research interests include gender studies, corpus linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, and metaphor analysis.

Dr Yin Zhong

Research interests include cognitive lexical semantics, corpus linguistics, conceptual and critical metaphor analysis, media communication, and language and politics.

PhD Students

ABOH, Sopuruchi

Research interests include Language Attitudes, Multilingualism, (Political) Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, Igbo Linguistics.

Jenny Jieyu Chen

Research interests include Conceptual and Critical Metaphor Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, and Language and Politics.

Joanna Zhuoan Chen

Research interests include Corpus Linguistics, Metaphor and Gender, and Critical Discourse Analysis.

John Ganaah

Research interests include Stance Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Public Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, Political Communication, Language and Politics and Language and Media.

Congyi Qu

Research interests include English Language Studies, Second Language Acquisition (SLA) (especially L2 Tense and Aspect), Oral Corrective Feedback, Gesture, Psycholinguistics; English Language Education, English Language Curriculum and Instruction, English Language Teaching, Language Assessment and Testing; Multimodal Communication, Speech and Language Pathology (SLP), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Songsha Ren

Research interests include academic literacy, scholarly communication, language and literacy education, genre analysis, and (critical) discourse analysis.

Brian Shaoxiong Xu

Research interests include academic literacy and ethics, academic discourse and publishing, corpus linguistics, multimodal discourse studies, stylistics, and systemic functional grammar.

Carol Yu

Research interests include Professional communication, Language and Intercultural Communication, Communication and Culture in Organizations, Language, Culture and Society, Discourse Analysis, and Critical Discourse Analysis.

Limin Yuan

Research interests include English Medium Instruction (EMI), Content and Language Integration (CLIL), English language teaching and learning, EMI/CLIL teacher education and development, EMI/CLIL materials design, EMI/CLIL classroom discourse.



Affiliate Members

Prof. Christian Burger
Prof. Christian Burger
Professor by special appointment of Strategic Communication (Logeion Chair) at University of Amsterdam
Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Communication Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


HKCCA logo Avartar
Rayland Chan, Executive Director of Hong Kong Customer Contact Association (HKCCA)

Hong Kong Customer Contact Association (HKCCA) is a non-profit organization representing the entire on-line customer service and interaction in Hong Kong.

Mary Daphne Root
Mary Daphne Root, CEO and Creative Director, Explearning


Dr Menghan Jiang, Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, PolyU

Research interests include Chinese Semantics and Syntax, Corpus Linguistics, Language Variation, and Conceptual Metaphor Analysis.

Dr Esterina Nervino   Assistant Professor
Department of English, Department of Marketing (Joint appointment), City University of Hong Kong

Research interests include social semiotics, corpus linguistics, multimodal discourse analysis, with a focus on professional contexts covering luxury and its intersection with digital transformation, art and space, country of origin effect and language use, sustainability, reputation management, branding and retail experience.

Dr Cindy Sing-Bik Ngai
Associate Professor of Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Research interests include Bilingual Corporate Communication, Classical Chinese Drama, and Drama Translation