Suggested Topics for Seminars for Professional Organisations

The activities can take the form of CPD seminars or interactive workshops. Suggested topics are:
  • Hong Kong English - what is it and is it OK for business?
  • How to enhance communicative competencies of professionals in your field
  • How to produce effective profession-specific written and spoken discourse, such as reports, proposals, presentations, Q&A, and so on
  • Language use and language standards in the professional workplace in Hong Kong
  • The Rise and Fall of English in Hong Kong
  • A model of professional communicative competencies
  • Evaluation of professional communicative competencies
  • The use of parallel corpora for translation in the professions
  • The value of a Hong Kong spoken business corpus to enhance effectiveness in professional communication
  • Web-based and corpus-based approaches to informing effective language use in professional contexts
  • Cantonese, Putonghua, English, Japanese and Korean in Hong Kong: Linguistic winners and losers
  • Hong Kong Chinese’ use of intonation in professional communication in English to assert dominance and control
  • Hong Kong Chinese: Intonation of different question types in professional communication in English
  • How do Hong Kong Chinese agree, disagree, give an opinion, and check understanding in English professional communication?
  • The intonation, pragmatics and structure of Q&A sessions in English professional communication
  • Humour in Hong Kong spoken English: How is it done in a collaborative way?
  • English conversation between Hong Kong Chinese and native English speakers: Face and politeness
  • 'Did you took from the minibar': What is the practical relevance of a corpus-driven language study to the hotel and tourism industry in Hong Kong?
  • Communicative competencies in the hotel and tourism industry: A study of hotel ambassador discourse
and other topic proposed by your organisation.


Suggested Collaborative Research Projects Topics

The RCPCE is also actively seeking collaboration with individual professionals, companies and professional organisations in a range of projects, including:
  • A Description of Professional Communicative Competencies
  • Call Centre Communication Research
  • Compiling a Corpus of Profession-specific Oral Presentations
  • Creating and describing a Hong Kong Financial Services Corpus (HKFSC)
  • Digital and Virtual Business Communication
  • Discourse Processes and Products: Professional Communication in Civil Engineering, Corporate Communication, etc.
  • Professional Communication Audit: Novice and Expert Professionals in Land Surveying
  • The Use of English in the Professional Workplace in Hong Kong