United States Listed Bank Holding Company Annual Reports Corpus (USBC)

Most Frequent 4-word concgrams


  • This table of concgrams was generated using an exclusion list which means that the 50 most frequent English words (e.g. the, of, to, in, a) were excluded from the search.
  • The number of instances shown is for the co-occurring word, not the concgram. So for example, for the 2-word concgram 'COME/THE', in the line "come the spring in the month of May" the co-occurring word 'THE' would be counted twice, whereas the concgram 'COME/THE' occurs only once.

Below concgram list was generated with ConcGramCore v.1.0.2a.


  Rank   Origin   Co-occurring word   Co-occurring word   Co-occurring word   Co-occurring word Instances Normalised ratio
  1  reporting  financial  over  control  internal5,5940.0194%
  2  consolidated  note  see  financial  statements2,3810.0082%
  3  group  services  financial  pnc  inc2,3680.0082%
  4  securities  funds  federal  under  agreements2,2750.0079%
  5  sold  securities  purchased  under  agreements2,0090.0070%
  6  notes  note  consolidated  financial  statements1,9370.0067%
  7  under  sold  securities  agreements  repurchase1,9240.0067%
  8  financial  analysis  discussion  condition  results1,6980.0059%
  9  share  common  per  earnings  diluted1,5750.0055%
  10  form  report  annual  year  ended1,5220.0053%
  11  agreements  under  purchased  securities  resell1,4940.0052%
  12  sold  funds  federal  under  agreements1,4880.0052%
  13  purchased  funds  federal  under  agreements1,4810.0051%
  14  inc  services  financial  pnc  form1,4800.0051%
  15  inc  group  financial  pnc  form1,4800.0051%
  16  inc  group  services  financial  form1,4800.0051%
  17  inc  group  services  pnc  form1,4800.0051%
  18  group  services  financial  pnc  form1,4800.0051%
  19  notes  see  consolidated  financial  statements1,3870.0048%
  20  condition  financial  analysis  results  operations1,3790.0048%
  21  financial  analysis  discussion  results  operations1,3740.0048%
  22  funds  federal  purchased  securities  sold1,3670.0047%
  23  condition  analysis  discussion  results  operations1,3650.0047%
  24  financial  analysis  discussion  condition  operations1,3640.0047%
  25  financial  discussion  condition  results  operations1,3620.0047%
  26  securities  purchased  funds  sold  under1,3580.0047%
  27  income  comprehensive  other  accumulated  loss1,3430.0047%
  28  sold  securities  purchased  under  repurchase1,3420.0046%
  29  securities  purchased  funds  federal  agreements1,3380.0046%
  30  securities  purchased  funds  federal  under1,3290.0046%
  31  securities  funds  sold  under  agreements1,3260.0046%
  32  securities  funds  federal  sold  under1,3230.0046%
  33  sold  securities  funds  under  repurchase1,3220.0046%
  34  securities  purchased  funds  sold  agreements1,3200.0046%
  35  securities  purchased  funds  under  agreements1,3190.0046%
  36  securities  purchased  federal  sold  under1,3180.0046%
  37  sold  purchased  funds  under  repurchase1,3180.0046%
  38  purchased  funds  federal  sold  under1,3150.0046%
  39  sold  securities  purchased  funds  repurchase1,3110.0045%
  40  december  ended  year  dollars  millions1,3030.0045%
  41  sold  purchased  funds  under  agreements1,3020.0045%
  42  securities  funds  federal  sold  agreements1,2890.0045%
  43  securities  purchased  federal  sold  agreements1,2840.0044%
  44  securities  purchased  federal  under  agreements1,2830.0044%
  45  securities  federal  sold  under  agreements1,2770.0044%
  46  reporting  over  control  internal  as1,2090.0042%
  47  chief  president  vice  executive  officer1,1890.0041%
  48  reporting  financial  over  internal  as1,1790.0041%
  49  exhibit  reference  herein  incorporated  report1,1790.0041%
  50  financial  over  control  internal  as1,1660.0040%
  51  financial  consolidated  notes  inc  form1,1630.0040%
  52  reporting  financial  over  control  as1,1590.0040%
  53  reporting  financial  control  internal  as1,1580.0040%
  54  corporation  trust  northern  report  annual1,1360.0039%
  55  statements  financial  consolidated  notes  report1,1150.0039%
  56  consolidated  notes  stanley  morgan  financial1,1100.0038%
  57  financial  consolidated  stanley  morgan  continued1,1060.0038%
  58  option  value  fair  under  accounted1,1040.0038%
  59  notes  stanley  morgan  financial  continued1,1000.0038%
  60  consolidated  notes  stanley  financial  continued1,0980.0038%
  61  notes  stanley  morgan  consolidated  continued1,0980.0038%
  62  financial  consolidated  notes  morgan  continued1,0970.0038%
  63  exhibit  reference  herein  incorporated  form1,0920.0038%
  64  statements  financial  consolidated  notes  item1,0660.0037%
  65  equity  home  loans  lines  credit1,0450.0036%
  66  financial  consolidated  note  statements  information1,0440.0036%
  67  report  quarterly  exhibit  form  ended1,0240.0035%
  68  report  annual  exhibit  form  year1,0150.0035%
  69  exhibit  reference  incorporated  current  report1,0030.0035%
  70  form  report  quarterly  quarter  ended9970.0035%
  71  condition  financial  our  results  operations9910.0034%
  72  accounting  public  registered  independent  firm9800.0034%
  73  contracts  rate  interest  foreign  exchange9730.0034%
  74  report  quarterly  exhibit  form  quarter9660.0033%
  75  report  exhibit  form  quarter  ended9540.0033%
  76  securities  purchased  funds  under  repurchase9440.0033%
  77  report  quarterly  exhibit  quarter  ended9360.0032%
  78  year  form  report  ended  december9340.0032%
  79  form  report  annual  ended  december9240.0032%
  80  commercial  real  estate  lease  financing9230.0032%
  81  millions  december  ended  year  income9130.0032%
  82  securities  funds  federal  under  repurchase9120.0032%
  83  securities  purchased  funds  federal  repurchase9100.0032%
  84  income  interest  net  total  revenue9090.0031%
  85  current  exhibit  reference  report  filed9090.0031%
  86  securities  purchased  federal  under  repurchase9080.0031%
  87  financial  over  control  internal  december8980.0031%
  88  securities  federal  sold  under  repurchase8970.0031%
  89  form  report  annual  year  december8970.0031%
  90  form  annual  year  ended  december8970.0031%
  91  securities  funds  federal  sold  repurchase8960.0031%
  92  securities  purchased  federal  sold  repurchase8950.0031%
  93  reporting  over  control  internal  effective8870.0031%
  94  agreements  resale  under  purchased  securities8850.0031%
  95  reporting  over  control  internal  december8840.0031%
  96  financial  over  control  internal  effective8650.0030%
  97  capital  tier  equity  common  total8640.0030%
  98  reporting  financial  over  internal  december8620.0030%
  99  reporting  financial  over  control  december8600.0030%
  100  reporting  financial  control  internal  december8600.0030%


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