Public Organisations:   Listed Companies:
1. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited   Banks
2. Hong Kong Monetary Authority   14. Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation
3. Information Services Department   Utilities
4. Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority   15. Hong Kong Electric Holdings Ltd.
5. Office of the Commissioner of Insurance   Commerce & Industry
    16. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
Professional Associations:   17. China National Offshore Oil Corporation Limited
6. Actuarial Society of Hong Kong   18. China Resources Enterprise Limited
7. Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants   19. CITIC Pacific
8. Hong Kong Institute of Directors   20. MTR Corporation Limited
9. Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong   21. Swire Pacific Limited
10. The Hong Kong Association of Banks   22. CIG Yangtze Ports PLC
11. The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance brokers   23. Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited
12. The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers   Property companies
13. The Life Underwriters of Association of Hong Kong   24. Henderson Land Development Company Limited
    25. Sino Land Company Limited
    26. Agile Property Holdings Limited

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