Hong Kong Financial Services Corpus (Advanced Searches)

You can search for two or three words in combination, e.g. financial institutions (search word/phrase one), banks (search word/phrase two) and profit (search word/phrase three). 

  • Span - This function allows you to limit the search in terms of the distance between the search items.  For example, a search for 'asset' and 'bank' with a span of 2 means that only instances of the words with up to two intervening words are displayed.  (e.g. 'bank recorded an asset'.

  • t-score - a t-score can be used to calculate the significance of the association of two words. A t-score of 2.0 or more indicates a significant association. This function only works for two word searches and a span needs to be specified.

  • Sort type - the instances can be sorted alphabetically based on the word immediately to the left or the right of the centred word. If you select 'sort position' then the second or third words are sorted based on their position relative to the centred word.

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